"Those sleek synths, that machine beat, those harmonies… Somebody’s gonna end up with tears on their
Members Only jacket."

- Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands.LA

“Heartbeat (Beatin’ You Up)” does a wonderful job highlighting Johnson’s heady, Kate Bush-like voice while creating a melody which is both unique and familiar. “Illuminated Dream” is the most classically new wave track, but it still has McAuley’s signature indie dream pop flare. A surprising punch of Roxy Music-era Bryan Ferry in the intro and refrain make “Illumiated Dream” the most musically diverse song on the album."
- Layla Marino, Ellenwood

"The Promise sets the tone for an album full of vibrant synths and a forward-thinking alt-pop sound that’s a nice progression from the electronic templates When In Rome established a few decades ago."
- Michael Marotta, Vanyaland

"Johnson & McAuley clearly come off as close friends, and we were there to just look on and witness
the magic as it happened."

- Claudia Arnoldo, Elmore Magazine